Virtual Shopping - Old Navy

Another edition of virtual shopping.  I've been curious about the Old Navy athletics line despite the completely ANNOYING commercial they currently have going.  I mean really ON? It makes me turn the channel EVERY time I see it start.  I'd like the mention that I had already found these pictures before seeing that POS commercial.

So below you will find some pictures of the cute and inexpensive line currently being offered.  Everything shown here (except the sweatshirt) is on sale for less than $20!  I have not tried on or purchased any of these items yet, but would welcome any real life feedback you guys have!

Style Athletics Black Scrunch Workout Pants Capris Old NavyStyle Athletics Black Scrunch Workout Pants Capris Old Navy

Style Athletics Black Workout Pants Capris Old NavyStyle Athletics Black Workout Pants Capris Old Navy

Some decent 'unders' and 'overs' : )
Style Athletics Old Navy Sports BraStyle Athletics Old Navy Sweatshirt

And some gym bags!  I'm lucky enough to rarely need a gym bag (I have a cubby at my gym), but every once and a while, we all have to rush to the gym from work, or take off to an event after.  Might as well have a cute carry-all! Righto?

Style Athletics Old Navy Black Gray Gym BagStyle Athletics Old Navy Print Gym Bag
You will notice a lack of tops here... well that's because I love wearing unique tops, and there really aren't any that I found I liked on the ON website.  Sorry Old Navy!  But you do have some promising pants.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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