Virtual Shopping - Night Light Jacket

Bummer!  This jacket is no longer available, but you can still check out other cute things from Lucy by using my affiliate link here.
Looking for a new jacket for this upcoming chilly season?  Are you one of those crazy super early or night runners?  Wouldn't you like something that will last you throughout the year so you don't just have to spend a crap-load on one piece that you can only use a short while?  Enter the Lucy Nightlight Jacket... (now links to homepage)

Style Athletics Lucy Nightlight JacketStyle Athletics Lucy Nightlight Jacket

This jacket seems like a great option for those who typically run in the dark.  Not only is this a jacket, but it also turns into a vest for those warmer months!  The jacket comes with reflective material AND an LED light!  Check out the photos, video and description from the Lucy website!

Style Athletics Lucy Nightlight JacketStyle Athletics Lucy Nightlight Jacket

From the Lucy website: 
It’s all about visibility: the quick-drying lucy Night Light Jacket has 360-degree reflectivity with three-inch lit-up LED piping along the back with reflective zipper tape in the front. Plus, it’s convertible: zip-off sleeves conveniently turn the jacket into a run vest. Features an internal battery pocket for the LED lighting, a back mesh panel for breathability and a back zipper pocket to hold essentials.
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