Virtual Shopping - Alo on Activewear USA

I have found the greatest and worst website ever for workout clothes!  Greatest in that they have TONS of brands and super cute options, apparently have a very generous return poilcy (they told me on Twitter haha), and it is rather organized.  Worst in that I can't stop day dreaming about their website just turning into my very own personal closet.  I WISH!!  I spend way too much time looking at the clothes.

While I have not had a chance to order anything from Activewear USA  yet (damn you last Lulu shopping trip), I hope to in the near future!  

Alo Clothing
Since there are several awesome brands, I'll start with just one right now.  Alo clothing is something that I wear for work on occasion as some of our branded items were provided by them.  I had no idea they had such cute options!  Check em' out!

Style Athletics ALO Clothing Activewear USA

In addition to the items shown, they also offer skirts and dresses.  As an ex-tennis player, I have little use for those these days which is why they were not shown, but are cute none-the-less.  Prices obviously vary based on design, but a range is listed below.  I mean look at the cute colors and lines.  Simple yet fun!
Style Athletics ALO Clothing Activewear USA
Sports Bras - $37-45
Pants (shorts, crops and full length) - $45-62
Tops - $40-56
Jackets/Sweaters - $60-80

Check out Activewear USA for more great options!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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