Underwear - The support crew!

VPL (Visible Panty Line) is a no-go for me at any given time, location or situation.  So as you can imagine, the gym definitely doesn't get a pass!  Since workout clothes don't typically help in hiding underwears (yes the 's' was put there on purpose) like clothes with pockets, loose fits or thick materials like jeans, it is the most difficult time to hide the problemo.

So what do we do ladies?  We find the 'invisible' solution!  

In the past, I relied on Victoria's Secret to provide my super no-show laser cut briefs, especially when they were on the 3 for $30 special!  BUT they no longer provide those amazing undies, and have since replaced them with much thicker materialed ones.  Blah! Not only do they cut in, but the edges also have a thicker layer that unfortunately shows through.  So sorry VS, you lose on this battle.

Who wins?  So far my new fave is (shocker) Lululemon's Smooth Moves 'Girlshort'!  How can you not love the fact that they call it a 'girlshort' instead of the humdrum boyshort!
Style Athletics Lululemon Girl Short Teal

According to the Lulu website: 'Say goodbye to VPL! Lasercut technology make these the perfect underwear to wear under your black stretchy pants.  Made from Nylon with a high Lycra® content so they won't stretch out! Quick drying'

I must say, it is refreshing for their claim of no VPL to actually be true!  They are super comfy and come in fun colors and patterns!  PS, while I prefer the 'girlshort' they also come in a thong.  I do recommend that when you wash these guys, you put them in a laundry bag.  I have lost a few of my VS' to tears from the edge.
Style Athletics Lululemon Thong PeacockStyle Athletics Lululemon Girl Short Magenta BurgandyStyle Athletics Lululemon Girl Short TEalStyle Athletics Lululemon Girl Short Black Gray

Price tag: At $18 a piece, they aren't priced too bad.  Occasionally if you visit the stores, you can even find them on the sales rack!  

Happy underwear shopping!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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