Nike Free Obsession - Why Flat Shoes

I have since switched over to the Reebok Nanos, which I LOVE!  You can shop the new Reebok Nano 4.0 with my Reebok affiliate link.

I have a shoe problem... but typically, I only cave in to it obsession when it comes to Nike Frees.  Since I began my solid workout quest more than three years ago I have been loyal to Nike Free shoes of various types.  Prior to that, I strictly wore Adidas Baricades for my high school and college tennis 'careers.'

So why the Nike Free?  Well it doesn't hurt that they are cute in a simple 'goes with everything' manner, but most importantly, they are shoes that I have had very few issues with, and have lasted me a great while.  And trust me, I'm not exactly nice to workout shoes.  

The Nike Free Hyper TR
My current 'issue' lies in the simple, cute, and functional Hyper TR.  If you raided my closet, you would find not one pair but FOUR.  I have four generations going on right now.  One 'old pair' used for yard work and 'dirty times' now (probably also a future 'mud run shoe'), a pair of workout (gray),a pair of work shoes (black), and another pair of blacks for when the others inevitably bite the dust (tear). Yes, I have a problem.

But if you are like me, you know how crazy the cross-training shoe market is.  Every six months they come out with new shoes... and not just new colors, but for some reason they feel the need to get rid of models all the time.  I realize we should always be moving forward with shoe design and technology, but I WANT MY FRIGGIN' SHOES!  So it is not unusual for me to buy several pairs of ones I like... just so I don't have to go on the great shoe hunt AGAIN.

Anyway, back to the actual shoe.  The Hyper TR is a flat soled shoe with great support even for us slightly flat-footed folks.  It is super light weight which helps for just about any kind of physical activity.  You wouldn't want to run with a cinder-block on your foot right?  They are very breathable as well.  I cross train, lift and run in these puppies, and have not had any foot problems since starting to use them.

Why Flat?
I am no shoe expert (obviously), but I have been around a lot of trainers and coaches.  The idea behind flat soled shoes is that it helps your foot function in it's 'natural' form.  'Healed' running shoes over compensates for your foot and in the end is more detrimental than anything.  That is why now-a-days you see people running in those silly 'foot shoes.'  I wouldn't go that far in my desire for flat, both because they look ridiculous (no offense) but mainly because I hear they are REALLY bad for your feet down the line.  I've once heard and sports medicine doctor say that Vibrams are going to send their kids to college. Yikes.  And don't even get me started with those Reebok or Sketchers shoes that are supposed to tone your ass. BAD!!

In the end I really recommend you check out the Nike Free Hyper TR... if you can find them anywhere.  But in general, find a comfortable flat soled shoe that you can workout in.  It may take a little 'getting used to' but you'll enjoy them in the long run.  And remember that shoes have an expiration date.  They are only good for so many hours and if you can reach your hand in the shoe and feel your foot imprint... it's time to go to the store

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