Great Outfit of the Day (GOOD) on the Cheap!

Another 'regular' section of this blog... Outfit of the Day or 'GOOD' (hey CrossFit has Workout of the Day 'WOD' so why can't I?).  These will be outfits that I wore to the gym! :)  I may run out of clothes, so I'll inevitably have to go shopping again when that happens!

This outfit is actually not one of my 'super cute' or 'high end' outfits (minus the shorts), but rather an example of how even a simple and cheap tank and sports bra can make one of those 'I don't want to even put on clothes today' days still look reasonably cute.

Style Athletics Target Tank Top Target C9 Hot Pink Sports Bra Lululemon Black Speed Shorts
Target CAN go with Lulu! :)
Above you are seeing a hot pink 'heather' sports bra and teal 'see-through' tank both by Target.  I think their combined value was roughly $22 (bought them both on sale!).  The shorts are the good ol' Speed Short from Lululemon, which of course are more than double the top, sports bra, ring and underwear combined. at $54. But you have to love them despite their price.

I added in a cheap little ring from New York & Company since we were running and not lifting.

I just think the bright colors of the hot pink and teal contrasting is what made this outfit so much fun to wear.  Not to mention how much cooler (as in temp.) the tank was since it is practically 'holey.'

Don't worry, my 'more expensive and unique' looks are to come... but since I'm money concious to an extent as well, you'll always get a blend!  Trust me, even JCPenney has cute workout clothes!  I swear! 

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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