Etsy has workout stuff? HELL YEAH!!

All joking aside, I had no idea either until I searched 'workout' on Etsy!  Here is a collection of some fun stuff you can find on there.  Keep in mind most of these items will also come in other shapes, sizes and colors in the sellers' shops!  Gotta love the uniqueness that is Etsy.

Seller: Rainbow Frogs 77

Style Athletics Rainbow Frogs 77 Etsy Weighted Hula Hoop
How much fun are these hula hoops??  I would totally start doing the workouts if I had one of these really cute hoops!!  They come in so many cute combinations.

Style Athletics Rainbow Frogs 77 Etsy Weighted Hula Hoop

Seller: Eleven 44
Style Athletics Eleven 44 Black White Stripe Sports Bra
Eleven 44 makes a lot of super cute workout clothes.  This sports bra comes in many different colors.

Seller: Bijubee Wear

Style Athletics Bijubee Wear Pink Black White Stripe Ruffle ShortsStyle Athletics Bijubee Wear Pink Black White Stripe Sports BRa

This shop has many different patterns and colors.  I just thought the shorts were super cute and different!

Seller: Ag Halo

Style Athletics Ag Halo Barbell Silver Necklace
Ag Halo makes tons of cute little necklaces!  They also have snowflakes and skull and crossbones earrings among many more items!

Seller: jmorco

Style Athletics jmorco Pink Black Gray Sports BraStyle Athletics jmorco Etsy sports bra
How can you not like the uniqueness of this sports bra!?! The pink and teal colors are my favorite anyway, so this is perfect!  Looks like they fit well too.

Seller: Flipped Bird
Style Athletics Flipped Bird Yoga Mat Bag Etsy Zebra
Flipped Bird offers many different patterns of bags.  This one has zebra on one side and tan on the other!  Multi-use is always a good thing right?

So there you have it.  If you are one of those 'support the artists' type of people, now you know they have items available.  There are also lots of pants available on Etsy, as well as MANY other types of products.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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