Can't wear jewelry at the gym? Put it on yo' nails!

Most of the time it seems annoying, pointless, silly or just plain painful to try wearing jewelry to the gym.  Maybe a ring, necklace or earrings here and there, but anything to do with lifting, jumping, etc. will make that impossible.  So how can you spice up your look a little?  With your nails!

If you are hard on your nails like me (chips are a daily happening with my job and what I typically do at the gym), so I am used to doing my nails AT LEAST on a weekly basis.  Manicures and pedicures are a luxury I cannot afford to do that often.  Below are a few of my favorite things to do for nails.  More to come too!

Style Athletics White Nail Crackle PolishStyle Athletics White Nail Crackle PolishStyle Athletics White Nail Crackle Polish
Excuse the cuticles... they were destroyed by working with cement, aka massively dried out!

The Crackle!

A couple months back, I decided to give the new crackle look a go.  It is surprisingly not that difficult, and it definitely gives a different effect.  

1. I just purchased a new Sally Hansen cuticle conditioner, so I like to apply that first.

2. Clean up your nails.  Use nail polish remover to get any oils, including the cuticle conditioner, off.  I like the multi-side tool to polish the nail and smooth the edges. 
Style Athletics Sally Hansen Sinful Colors Nail Polish
3. Next apply a clear base coat and let dry.

4. Apply one thick layer of the black polish and let it dry completely.  Letting this layer dry ensures that the crackle will have a smooth non-tacky surface to glide over.

5.  Once dry, apply a thick coat of the white crackle polish.  If you apply a thin coat, you will end up with a grey color with small cracks.  The thicker coat will make sure the colors are a stark black and white with thicker more noticeable cracks.

6. If need be, use a thin pin to create more lines going horizontal and perpendicular if they didn't form enough on their own.

7. Finish off with another clear coat and let dry!
Style Athletics Sally Hansen Nail Polish

As a side note, the pink color above is SOOO much fun to have on your toes!  All products used were either Sally Hansen or Sinful Colors (Black and Pink) which is a GREAT cheap polish available at Target.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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